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When I was five-years-old my dad took me and my little brother to see “Jaws” on a Sunday afternoon in Port Washington, New York. It scared me beyond belief! That night I slept in a little ball because I was afraid if I put my legs out the shark would bite them off, and was certain the blue carpet in my room would turn to water while I slept and the shark would get me then. Little did I know that while I lied there in my bed terrified, a seed had been planted.


There is an old saying, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” There may also be a saying in Hollywood that goes something like, “Revenge movies is a dish that best serves our bottom line.” Whether that is something said among studio executives is unknown but the that type of action movie has been a tried and true way studios often make huge bucks. Look as recently as the John Wick movies and even farther back with the Death Wish franchise

At this year’s Oscars “Oppenheimer” was the big winner of the night. The evening before at the Razzie Awards, “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” was the big winner. Every award it won was greatly deserved as it was a terrible, even by horror movie standards. However, it did make $5 million on a $100,000 budget so naturally a sequel is already here, “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2.”  

2 Swords

Of all the movie monsters there have probably been more stories told about vampires than any other. The challenge is to find new ways to tell these tales to an audience who has pretty much seen it all. The guys at Radio Silence, who brought us the film “Ready or Not” and the last two “Scream” movies are ready to give it a shot with “Abigail. A group of criminals are hired to kidnap a twelve-year-old girl and hold her for ransom. Little do they know that it was all a set up and this “little girl” is a deadly vampire who just likes to play with her food.

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It is a dream come true for any aspiring film director to get hired to direct a first feature film. I’m sure it must be even more exciting whenthat inexperienced director is asked to turn that  short movie they made into a feature. That is exactly what happened to German born filmmaker Moritz Mohr with “Boy Kills World”. In addition, Sam Raimi is one of the producers of the film; so, what could go wrong? Unfortunately, quite a bit

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The summer movie season is here again! For almost 20 years a Marvel movie would be the first offering out of the gate, but thanks to the writers and SAG-AFTRA strike last year a comic book adaptation is not how we are going to start. Instead, we are seeing an old television show get the big screen treatment, “The Fall Guy.”




It’s finally happened! Marvel fatigue has finally started to set in. After 14 years, 29 movies and a number of television shows, it was bound to happen. This may not be true for all fans. There are fanboys who believe that the studio can do no wrong and laps up everything that they release. However, there is no denying that the new Phase 4