Of all the movie monsters there have probably been more stories told about vampires than any other. The challenge is to find new ways to tell these tales to an audience who has pretty much seen it all. The guys at Radio Silence, who brought us the film “Ready or Not” and the last two “Scream” movies are ready to give it a shot with “Abigail. A group of criminals are hired to kidnap a twelve-year-old girl and hold her for ransom. Little do they know that it was all a set up and this “little girl” is a deadly vampire who just likes to play with her food.

Vampire lore can be tricky. Each story can sometimes play loose with the “rules” that govern these creatures of the night. For example, in “Abigail” a wooden stake through the heart and sunlight will kill a vampire. However, crosses and garlic do not harm them. One element that has always been universal is that they are considered undead. That is why a bullet to the head does not kill them. So, they don’t have a heartbeat but in this story after drugging Abigail she is found t have a pulse. This goes against everything in vampire lore. While not essential to the story, it is an element that can take you out of it.

If you are a horror fan that likes a like of gore in your films, then you are in luck as “Abigail” has it in gallons. Thanks largely to the fact that when a vampire is destroyed it explodes! Of course, when Abigail takes down one of her victims it is not a pretty sight either. Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are skilled at building tension while also being able to interject humor at the right moments. Screenwriters Stephen Shields and Guy Busick put some twists in so you don’t exactly know what direction they story is headed.

“Abigail” does not break new ground with its trapped in a place with a monster story. Just from a vampire perspective you can look movies such as “From Dusk Till Dawn” and last year’s “The Last Voyage of the Demeter.” While entertaining it is unlikely to go down as a vampire classic.

All the acting is solid. Melissa Barrera, who was in the last two Scream movies continues to do well at building her Final Girl resume and Alisha Weir who plays the title role stands on her own against her grown up co-stars. It will probably be the #1 movie this weekend but expect a sharp drop in week two.

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