Avengers End Game

For ten years Marvel movies had followed a very simple successful formula. We meet our hero(s), a villain(s) rises and while they are almost defeated  our protagonist(s) overcomes and defeats said bad guy(s). That is until last year when the long awaited Avengers: Infinity War, based on the famous “Infinity Gauntlet” comic book storyline, came out. With a snap of his fingers Thanos (Josh Brolin) killed off half the universe, including many of our favorite characters. Then the lights came up and the movie was over leaving many in a state of silent shock as they left the theater.

Coincidently, all the original Avengers survived. They, along with a few extra friends, will try one last ditch effort to set things right. Will they succeed? Will there be more loss? This is the culmination of what the studio has been building up to for over a decade and there is little doubt it will live up to expectations.


The running time certainly grabbed a lot of people’s attention when it was revealed it goes for a little over three hours. Audiences should know this will not be non-stop action from start to finish. In fact, this time things begin rather quietly, but powerfully nonetheless. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo clearly want to tell a real story here rather than give us something mindless. Sometimes the story can get complex.  It’s a tale that couldn’t be rushed and even possesses a strong emotional core. When action does take place; however, it’s well worth the wait.

All the actors involved bring their A game. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johannson and the entire cast lay it all out on the line for this one. It’s an aspect that has made the Marvel movies so successful, they did a great job with casting and gave us people we root for and even relate to.

Avengers: Endgame will no doubt be a record breaker at the box office. Some are predicting a $300 million opening weekend. Fans undoubtedly will be going back for multiple viewings as there is so much to see and has the best final battle ever for a superhero adventure. After 22 movies, the studio’s Phase 3 plan is just about to finish up. It will certainly be interesting to see where Marvel goes next. In the meantime, the Summer movie season is off to a epic start.

3.5 Swords