Tron Legacy

The beginning of “Tron: Legacy” opens with a statement letting audience members know that some parts of the movie were filmed in 2D, are shown in 2D, but they should keep their 3D glasses on throughout the whole movie anyway.  One of the chief complaints about 3D movies is the glasses.  So, for those who would like to keep those glasses off for a while just know that parts of the movie shot in the real world is in 2D and shots taking place in the world of Tron are in 3D.

The 3D world is everything you would expect it to be in this movie: spectacular!  The original movie was practically a 3D movie without the glasses.  The gaming action sequences almost make audience members feel like they are on The Grid.  The disk battles and the laser cycles are back and much improved than before as the battles now take place on multi-dimensional fields.  The cycles can now drive on upside down courses and do jumps leaving their laser walls behind in all manners.  There are also flying vehicles that leave laser wall trails too.


The movie takes place nearly thirty years after the original.  Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has been missing for almost two decades.  One night he went to work and was never seen again.  Sam, (Garrett Hedlund), his son has been distant from everyone in his father’s absence.  He’s more interested in sabotaging the company his father left behind than running it.  Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner, who is also reprising the role he created in the original film) tells Sam he received a page from his father’s old office.  Sam goes to investigate and it’s not long before he finds out exactly where his father went.

The world of Tron which is referred to as The Grid is now a dictatorship run by Clu, a program created by Kevin Flynn to oversee the building of this new world, along with Tron a security program created by Bradley.  Clu betrayed his creator and set out to create his own version of a perfect world which included the genocide of many other programs Clu did not see fit to exist.  When Sam enters he is force to fight in Gladiator like games.  You almost feel he has been thrown in a large Greek coliseum to fight the lions in front of a large crowd and with Clue as the Emperor. 

Kevin Flynn has been hiding from Clu outside The Grid for all this time, along with his protégé, Quorra (Olivia Wilde).  Father and son are soon reunited.  Sam wants to get his father back home, but to do so will be no easy task as they have a very short window to make that happen and Clu stands in the way.

The Academy Awards recently announced the movies that are competing for this years best visual effects award and it is no surprise that “Tron: Legacy” is among the nominations.  On award night it should easily take home the Oscar, not just for the amazing 3D world that is present, but for Clu who looks like Jeff Bridges from the mid 1980s.  It is a facelift the stars of Hollywood can only dream of having.  It almost looks like they filmed these scenes with Jeff Bridges 25 years ago and waited all this time for him to age to play the older Flynn.  That is not the case and the results are nothing less than stunning.

As with the first movie, the story is a little less than stunning.  For a movie that has so many stunning visuals there she is a lot of talking and explaining going on.  There is so much exposition in the movie you feel like looking at your watch wondering when the next action sequence is going to take place.

One great holiday gift you can buy a loved one is the soundtrack to this movie that is provided by Daft Punk.  To get a little taste of what they are providing check out this music video to the movie here.  The soundtrack helps intensifies the action sequences throughout the movie and helps to bring the audience into this new world like at the club run by Castor played with great flair by Michael Sheen.  The movie should be a fun ride for the whole family as it is only rated PG for some video game like violence.