The Theory of Everything

Two years ago when “Lincoln” came out there was no doubt that Daniel Day Lewis was going to take home the Oscar for Best Actor. The last year the same thing happened for Matthew McConaughey. After seeing “Dallas Buyers Club” we all knew he was taking home the Academy Award. “The Theory of Everything” finally comes to South Florida today, November 21 and it has happened a third year in a row, Eddie Redmayne is taking home the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Dr. Stephen Hawking.

If you thought Stephen Hawking was always in that wheelchair speaking with that computerized voice, then “The Theory of Everything” will be quite an eye opener for you. The movie opens in Cambridge, England, circa 1963 with Stephen Hawking having a bike race with a friend. The movie’s focus centers around Stephen’s relationship with Jane Hawking (Felicity Jones), how they first met and how they managed when Stephen was first diagnosed with the disease that would one day rob him of almost all movement and the power to speak, while at the same time coming up with some of the most advanced theories around time and the writing of his book, “A Brief History of Time.”

Eddie Redmaye is hardly a household name (yet). Before “The Theory of Everything” his best known movies have been “My Week with Marilyn” and “Les Mis.” Even before he starts showing signs of his illness (motor neuron disease), he already does a great job playing the famous physicist. Once the disease starts taking effect, we slowly watch Redmaye break down little by little. He never goes over the top trying to “sell” us. This is the kind of performance Academy voters eat up and Eddie Redmaye serves up an excellent meal for them and us.


Felicity Jones is just as amazing in her role. If you want to see an example of true love, just take a look at Jane Hawking. She fell in love with Stephen before he was diagnosed. She wanted to be with him even though it was first predicted that Stephen only had two years to live. There is a phenomenal scene between the two actors of when Stephen Hawking first looses his ability to speak where she introduces a spelling board so the two can communicate. Jane was so dedicated to him. It is a gut wrenching scene and the two are brilliant in it. Felicity Jones should no doubt find herself with an Oscar nomination as well.

A ton of credit most go to director James Marsh. A man more known for his documentary movies (he has one Oscar win for his film, “Man on Wire”). He really is the perfect person to direct “The Theory of Everything.” However, who knew he worked so amazingly well with actors? Clearly he was the guiding light for his two leads. On top of that, the movie is beautifully photographed, edited and the music works perfectly with it. If there was one complaint about the movie it would be you are uncertain what direction it is heading at times, but at least you still witness the great performances in those moments.

Other movie critics would argue that you can’t jump the gun on predicting who will win an acting Oscar if you haven’t seen all the other performances yet. That argument has merit, but hasn’t over the last couple of years. Eddie Redmaye is taking home the Oscar for “The Theory of Everything” period! The movie is currently playing at AMC Sunset Place, AMC Aventura, The Gateway 4, Regal South Beach and the Cinemark Palace and will expand to several more theaters on November 26. It is rated PG-13 for some thematic elements and suggestive material.