The Green Hornet

In 2011 there is going to be over 45 movies presented in 3D.  Some of those movies will be worth spending the extra money to see it in that format; but, chances are the vast majority of them will not.  Some of those movies were shot using 3D cameras while others were shot with traditional 2D cameras and converted after production ended either to make an extra buck or it was planned to be converted, but shot in 2D to save money.  January is usually a month where movie studios release their “crap”.  So why not release one of them in 3D, which is exactly the bill “The Green Hornet” fulfills.

The Green Hornet (Seth Rogan) is a superhero like no other.  Instead of being seen as a hero GH and his trusted sidekick Kato (Jay Chou) go out of their way to be seen as villains while at the same time stopping other villains on the street.  So don’t expect the see the citizens of Los Angeles cheer when the Green Hornet drives by in his car The Black Beauty.

In the new movie, which was co-written by Rogan, Britt Reid is the son of James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) who owns The Daily Sentinel.  After his father dies Reid meets Kato who introduces Britt to all the custom work he did on James’ cars.  The two go out one night to blow off a little steam and in the process stop a crime.  They decide to become superheroes, but will work outside the law.  Chudnofsky (Oscar winner Christoph Waltz) is the gang leader who runs all the crime in LA, who also happens to have some image problems since other criminals don’t think he’s scary.  When Chudnofsky decides he wants the Green Hornet dead Reid and Kato find they may have taken on more then they can handle.

“The Green Hornet” was a 2D film converted to 3D, but it was not one of those last second jobs in order to make more money.  What makes it a little different is that only certain segments got the full 3D conversion makeover.  This, of course, was all the action and fight scenes which do look pretty good.  Not the most mind blowing effects you have ever seen, but decent.  The other scenes in the movie can be watched without the glasses, but unlike “TRON: Legacy” you might as well keep your glasses on throughout the movie.

Cameron Diaz is also in the movie playing Britt’s secretary, Lenore Case.  She is pretty much wasted here and does not have much to do.  Any actress could have filled this role and it’s a wonder why Diaz even bothered.  Her talents could have been better served on another picture.  There are no real standout performances anywhere in this picture.   A movie like this does not really require one.  It just should be noted anyway.  Rogan and Chou don’t even have much chemistry on screen together and they are one of the main reasons why people would want to go see this movie.

Michel Gondry directed the movie.  He has done some good work in the past on such movies as “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Be Kind Rewind” and this is his first movie to feature this level of action.  While the 3D effects look cool, and there is clearly an influence from “The Matrix” movies he does not deliver the knockout punch audience members have come to expect from this type of movie.  Even the music doesn’t suit the scenes they accompany.  Perhaps Columbia Pictures realized all this and that is why it was released in January.  It is rated PG-13 for sequences of violent action, language, sensuality and drug content.  It will be released in movie theaters all over South Florida on January 14th.