“From James Cameron, the man who brought you ‘Avatar’ and ‘Titanic’ comes a new adventure.”  Many of us do not give our full attention to television commercials.  During those breaks between our favorite programs is the time we may use to text someone, get something to eat or check our e-mail.  So if you are not paying too close attention while spots run for the new movie “Sanctum” you may think James Cameron has put out a new movie.  One warning sign that this could not be true is that it is February and you will never see a James Cameron directed movie come out except during the summer or the Christmas season.  Second is that anyone who sees “Sanctum” will know there is no way James Cameron would ever direct such a movie.

James Cameron’s credit on this movie is as Executive Producer.  How much exact involvement he had in the production is unknown except that the filmmakers used the same cameras he used to shoot “Avatar”.  It is no surprise that the 3D effects in this movie are spectacular.  The digitally shot movie is very crisp and the movie will probably be one of the best looking 3D movies of 2011. 


The story of “Sanctum” can probably be best summed up by one of the characters who says, “What can possibly go wrong diving in caves?”  If the answer is nothing you don’t have a movie.  I group of underwater cave explorers are trapped in an unexplored cave in New Guinea and must find their way out before a rainstorm from the outside drowns them all.  The movie does have some nice shots of giving the audience the feeling of claustrophobia.

The movie has a cast of mostly unknown actors and many of them are not very strong actors either.  Boy, do they ever talk!  Right from the start you are watching a group of characters just yak yak yak yak yak, and usually about nothing too important.  The poorly written screenplay, which is based on the true life experience of Andrew Wright, offers very few surprises.  It’s not too hard telling who’s going to die in this movie.  Some of the characters should have been wearing “Dead Meat” t-shirts because it is so painfully obvious to the audience that they are about to meet their demise.  There is a surprise or two; but, Alister Grieson, the man who did direct this movie, fails to get us to care about anyone so you really don’t care who survives.  The only thing the director manages to pull off well is a few winks towards James Cameron’s “The Abyss”.

James Cameron is a very strong proponent of 3D technology, even though he has trashed other 3D movies out there like “Piranha 3D”.  It won’t matter how good the 3D is in a movie if the audience doesn’t connect with the characters or the story they are involved in.  “Sanctum” may have been better served if you could not hear the dialogue and just had a great score to listen to while you watched this great looking movie.  Just remember, there are more important things in this world than just looks.  “Sanctum” is rated R for language, some violence and disturbing images and is playing all over South Florida.