Remember E.T.?  Sure, you do..  Who could forget that loveable little alien?   With his beautiful glowing heart, who befriended a little boy while trying to “phone home”?

Well, F$#! him!

That was 1982.  This is 2011 and now movie audiences can meet Paul.  He is not your mommy and daddy’s E.T. because you will not be falling in love with this cute little alien, but he’ll get you laughing.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite for another comedy.  Their first two, “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” were great comic parodies,  “Paul” is about two sci-fi geeks from Britain (Pegg and Frost) who come to America to attend Comic-Con in San Diego and then go on a road trip to see the most popular UFO sights in America.  On their travels they encounter a real alien who calls himself Paul (voiced by Seth Rogan).  Paul is on the run from some government agents that include Joe Lo Truglie, Bill Hader and Jason Bateman.


Paul asks the two to take him to a location, “You’ll know it when you see it,” Paul tells them.  So will you if you’ve seen a certain science fiction movie.  This movie is packed with references to many sci-fi movies that will give some people who know them an extra laugh.  While trying to get Paul to his destination they meet up with Ruth Buggs (Kristen Wiig), a bible loving woman who runs a trailer park.  Can the three help get Paul to where he wants to do before it’s too late or any of them gets killed?  You’ll have to see the movie to find out and you should!

Unlike the first two comedies Pegg and Frost did together, this movie is not directed by Edgar Wright; “Paul” is directed by Greg Mottola who recently directed “Adventureland” and “Superbad”.  Mottola takes a little while to get this movie rolling.  The movie starts out as only a 2-star film, earns its way up to three, and finally makes it all the way up to four out of five stars!  The movie starts trying to be cleaver, then actually becomes so and gets real interesting in the third act.  We actually get to really like all the characters and there are even some nice touching moments in the movie.

In the end, we go to a movie like “Paul” to laugh, and laugh you shall.  Sure, there are some “inside jokes” for science fiction fans, but there are great laughs for the general audience as well.  Paul, who can be lovable at times, is also rude and has an attitude; which is where many of the laughs come from.  Pegg and Frost are excellent on screen together.  They wisely spread out the movies they star in together, so we don’t get sick of them (“Shaun” came out in 2004 and “Fuzz” was released in 2007).  The two wrote the screenplay together and play off each other well.  Wiig has slowly become a great leading lady in comedies and it won’t be surprising to see her leave “Saturday Night Live” in the near future to go on to become a successful movie star.

The special effects in this movie are top notch.  The computer animated alien blends seamlessly with the human characters, an important factor that could have been overlooked when making a movie like this.  Remember, this movie is for adults, and the adults who attend should have themselves a good time.