No strings attached

We all know what to expect from a romantic comedy.  There’s a proven formula that has been used time and time again.  Boy and girl meet, they like each other/fall in love, there is a complication where it looks like they may not get together after all, but they do in the end and share a few laughs with the audience.  The only question is if the filmmaker behind the camera can successfully follow said formula.  If the movie has director Ivan Reitman behind the scenes it has a very good chance.  As a result “No Strings Attached” is the first good movie worth seeing in 2011.

Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma (Natalie Portman) have known each other for 16 years.  They met as kids back in summer camp, again in college and just seemed to keep running into each other so the two were never really friends.  When they run into each other in present time they end up having meaningless sex together.  Emma comes up with the idea that they should just use one another for sex with no strings attached.  Can two people have just a physical relationship without any more feelings creep in?  That’s the premise of this romantic comedy and it’s not hard to figure out what the answer ends up being.

I staple in many of Ivan Reitman’s movies has been the comedic timing; whether it be through character dialogue or a sight gag he always knew how to tell a joke on film.  That had been missing for a while.  His last movie, “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” was a bomb, and he was becoming more known as the father of director Jason Reitman than his own filmmaking identity.  He’s been in the news again lately with the news of a possible new “Ghostbusters” movie finally going before the cameras again.  If that comes to pass it’s good to see him getting back into form because “No Strings Attached” serves up plenty of laughs throughout the movie.  That is some romantic comedies forget to throw in, the COMEDY!  Reitman keeps the audience laughing from beginning to end.


Natalie Portman is blowing up.  She has always been a tremendous talent.  Now she has a Golden Glove win under her belt and she is a favorite to walk away with the Academy Award.  This is the first of a few high profile movies of 2011 and while the subject matter may be light, she still brings it her all in the role of Emma.  Kutcher is a proven commodity in the romantic comedy genre and he continues to prove so here.  Kevin Kline reunites with Ivan Reitman on this picture and he steals every scene he is in.


Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and this movie should have enough staying power to make it the perfect movie to see that night or any date night for that matter.  It is rated R for language, nudity and sexual situations and is playing all over South Florida.