Morning Glory

Thanksgiving is a mere two weeks away.  The holiday season is quickly sneaking up on us.  The time period where Hollywood releases movies they don’t think too much of, which occurs between the end of the summer and the beginning of the holidays, is over!  It’s safe to return to the movies again because now there are movies worth seeing.  One such movie is “Morning Glory” which stars Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford.

Rachel McAdams plays Becky, a TV producer for a local morning talk show.  Her life is her job.  Ever since she was a little girl and saw The Today Show it was her dream to work in television.  She loses her job, but eventually gets a dream job by becoming the executive producer of Daybreak, a network morning talk show.

A dream come true, yes?  Not so much as she quickly discovers the show is constantly in 4th place in the ratings among the other networks, “Half your audience are people who lost the remote.”  The show’s co-hosts, Keaton being one of them, just goes through the motions morning after morning, and the show is on the verge of being canceled.  Becky manages to bring in Mike Pomeroy, a seasoned news anchor who is under contract with the network, but no longer has a news desk to report the news.  He is LESS than thrilled with his new job, and Becky quickly finds out why Adam (Patrick Wilson), her love interest, refers to Mike as “The third worse person in the world.”

People forget that Harrison Ford can be funny.  There were many humorous moments from the Indiana Jones movies, and anyone who has seen “Working Girl” or even “The Frisco Kid” knows that Harrison Ford can be brilliant in a comedy and it looks like he decided to remind all those people again that he can still do so.  He shares some great moments with Rachel McAdams, who, by the way, has certainly taken the next step with this movie in proving that she is not only an fantastic comedic actress, but can also carry a movie.

This is a comedy that can be enjoyed by everyone.  It’s not one of those gross out comedies that the teenagers often go to, and it’s not one of those sex comedies people in their 20’s often frequent.  There are some small laugh moments and some really big ones.  Some laughs come from situations, dialogue, and just from the character’s themselves.

The one element that doesn’t work in this movie is the romance that blooms between Becky and Adam, largely in part because there is zero chemistry between McAdams and Wilson.  It’s pointed out that Adam is a handsome man who many women want, but his character has almost no personality.  Wilson is very stiff in every scene he is in and it constantly takes away from an otherwise great movie.

McAdams’ Becky is a great reason to come out and see this film.  Many of us do not get the opportunity to work at the job we truly desire.  One question most of us has heard as a child is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Sadly, we don’t often go on to do whatever answer we had given to the grownup.  It’s rare we ever try to follow that dream we had as a child.  At one point in the movie Becky’s Mom (Patti D’Arbanville) says to her, “Honey, when you were 8 and talked about wanting to work in television, it was cute.  When you were 18 and STILL talked about it was admirable.  You’re 28 now…”  This is often how our dreams die.  Other people telling us it is time to quit and move onto something else.  More people join in on the choirs and eventually we find ourselves at a job we never envisioned taking and another dream becomes extinct.  “Morning Glory” is only a movie, but it reminds us on why we often go: to escape reality for a little while and sometimes reminds us of the dreams we once had.  Some of us still fight to keep our dreams alive, and it is a hard battle to fight.  Becky’s character has obstacle after obstacle thrown her way and every time she is knocked down she gets right back up and is ready to keep plugging away at what she loves to do.  For anyone who is still fighting to keep their dreams alive, and for anyone else looking for a good, fun time at the movies, plunk down you $10 plus and see “Morning Glory”.  It’s well worth it.