If I could find a way to write the theme song to the “Saturday Night Live” character MacGruber, I would do so right now in an attempt to be funny.  I know that would be an act of futility, so for those who you who do know, just hear it in your head.  The theme song has gotten an R-rated makeover for the latest SNL sketch to get its own feature length film, “MacGruber”.


The MacGruber character, which is played by Will Forte, is a send up of the old TV character MacGyver, who was known to take everyday items and turn them into crazy inventions to get out of dangerous situations.  The MacGruber sketches are usually about 2-minutes long that finds MacGruber and friends trapped in a room with an explosive (that usually goes off before he can defuse the situation).


The movie opens with Col. James Faith (Powers Boothe) trying to convince former government agent MacGruber to come out of retirement because MacGruber’s former rival, Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer) has stolen a nuclear weapon he attends to use on the Unites States.  From there the film becomes a spoof of spy and action movies, trying to insert as many laughs as they can.

The movie does contain laughs, lots of them.  You should find yourself roaring out loud with laughter at some moments in the film, unable to believe that they actually “went there”.  I didn’t know how funny celery can be until I saw this movie.  The movie also makes a lot of interesting use of some top 40 hits from the 1980’s.

The movie was directed by Jorma Taccome and this is his first feature length film.  Before this, he had mostly been a director for SNL including directing the MacGruber sketches.  The movie is only 90-minutes long, the same length as SNL, and the movie plays like a Saturday Night Live show, some parts are funny and other parts you are just sitting around waiting for something funny to happen.  A comedy doesn’t have to have something funny happen within every minute, but the movie feels very uneven.  The movie never is able to find its legs.  Taccome was never able to bring the story completely together.

Will Forte’s performance can only be described as over-the-top, which is probably the way Taccome wanted his performance.  Kristen Wiig plays Vicki St. Elmo, MacGruber’s love interest.  She continues to show what a tremendous comedic force she is and it wouldn’t be surprising to see her in more and more comedies to the point where she leaves the television show.  Ryan Phillippe is also a member of MacGruber’s team and he plays an excellent straight man in the movie.  World Wrestling Entertainment fans should know many of their favorite stars appear in the film including Mark Henry, The Great Khali, MVP, The Big Show, Kane and Chris Jericho.

The film is sure to play better with a younger crowd than an older one, but parents should be warned that the movie is rated-R for a reason.  Besides the heavy use of language in the film, it is also very violent, and could even be described as gory at times.  The classic MacGruber move, as MacGruber refers to it, is one that would get iconic killers like Michael Myers or Freddy Kruger to take notice.  To find where the movie is playing at a theater near you, use the tool below.