I am love

It’s always a pleasant surprise when you see an actor or actress you admire and see them do something completely unexpected.  Tilda Swinton may not be a household name; but, she is regarded as a very talented actress that has appeared in both large studio films (“The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”) and small independents (“Thumbsucker”, “Broken Flowers”).  Who would have guessed she would appear in a foreign language film?  She does in the Italian-language film “I Am Love” (lo sono l’amore in its native country).

Tilda plays Emma.  She is currently in a loveless marriage where all her children are already grown and she lives comfortably so she accepts her life as it is.  When her husband’s father announces he is giving up his textile business to her husband, Tancredi (Pippo Delbona) and her son, Edoardo (Flavio Parenti) it takes the family by surprise as everyone assumed it would only go to her husband.  Tancredi wants to take the business in one direction while Edoardo wants to take it in another.

Edoardo has a friend, Antonio (Edoardo Gabbriellini) who is a chief.  Edoardo is interested in helping Antonio to open his own restaurant.  Emma gets involved with helping Antonia and the two starts having an affair.

While the movie is “Emma’s story” there is other family members the movie focuses on, primarily on Edoardo, so the story loses some of its direction; however, maybe this is a signature of Italian films.  If so, American audiences may find the tactic tiring.  Then again, many people who see foreign films are going to see something out of the norm, so maybe they will enjoy it.  The movie does have some great cinematography of the foreign land and the cast all deliver great performances.  It is now playing in local theaters.