Hello my name is doris

Some may state that Sally Field was an A-List actress, but the truth is she still is one to this day. However, the sad reality is there are very few scripts out there with meaty parts for women in her age bracket. So thank goodness for Michael Showalter and Laura Terruso’s screenplay “Hello, My Name is Doris” opening today, March 18, came her way. Not only does the movie enable the Academy Award winning actress to embody a great character again, it gives her a chance to remind us what a gifted comedic actress she is and why she still belongs on the A-List.

Sally Field is Doris. A Staten Island woman who still takes the ferry into New York City five days a week for work. Her life has been nothing more than mundane for years, but that all changes when a new handsome, young man starts to work in her office. She feels an instant connection with him and even begins to have fantasies with her new co-worker. Why can’t Doris’ fantasies come true despite their age difference?

Director Michael Showalter does a good job in guiding this cute and enjoyable movie. He really lucked out in securing Sally Field as his leading lady. She has always had a great knack for comedy and you’ll see in the bike pump scene. She can make a dramatic turn just as easily and she gets to flex both those acting muscles in “Hello, My Name is Doris.” It’s hard to imagine anyone else filling Doris’ shoes and long overdue to see Sally Field get top billing again.

“Hello, My Name is Doris” was screened earlier this week in Boca Raton at the Cinemark Palace 20 by the AARP as part of their Movies for Grownups program. This is a good movie for grownups that can’t be enjoyed by folks in their 20s into their 90s. It is rated R for language.