Grown Ups

What do you expect from a summer comedy?  It should provide you with laughs throughout the film, from small little smirks on your face to all out howling and almost falling out of your seat.  That’s all we really need.  If the filmmakers can throw in an intricate plot as well; fantastic, but not essential.  If we can come out of the theater talking about all the parts we laughed at then we got our money’s worth.

Adam Sandler seems to come out with a new comedy every summer.  Some of them have hit, whiles others, like last year’s “Funny People” missed the mark.  This summer he comes out with “Grown Ups” along with Saturday Night Live alum, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, and taking the place of what probably would have been Chris Farley, Kevin James.  The story is about five childhood friends, who won a basketball championship together, who get together for a week after their basketball coach (Adam Sandler movie staple, Blake Clark) dies.

That’s all you really need to know about the story because the plot to this movie is razor thin.  All the five main characters are bringing some issue up with them to the cabin they are all staying in, and we fully expect them to address their issues while they are there.  They all have children of their own now, except for Spade’s character.  None of their children appreciates the outdoors the way their father’s did.  Not the biggest crisis a character on film had to face; but, it’s enough for this movie.

Dennis Dugan, who has directed other Sandler films, has delivered his funniest outing yet.  This is barely a scene where you won’t find yourself laughing out loud.  The movie delivers every kind of laugh you could want in a movie.  There is psychical comedy, sight gags, one-liners, intelligent humor all the way to the good old fashion fart joke.  Word from the set was that these five actors did so much improvising and it’s obvious everyone had a good time making this movie.

The movie features other SNL alum as well.  Maya Rudolph plays Rock’s wife in the movie.  Colin Quinn and Tim Meadows play the rivals of the boys.  Steve Buscemi, another staple in many Adam Sandler movies, gives another great comedic performance too.  The film has some other great supporting actors too, Selma Hayek plays Sandler’s wife.

The movie does try to have some touching moments too.  Those attempts usually come up short.  Luckily, they work in some jokes during those scenes so they don’t totally fall flat.  “Grown Ups” is not be the most involving movie you will ever see; but, you will get thoroughly entertained and sometimes that is all we want from a summer movie.