Edge of Tomorrow

Why does it seem that so many people are against Tom Cruise and are rooting for him to fail? Is it because of his relationship with Scientology or that appearance he had on Oprah all those years ago? If so, that’s silly. Check the track record because overall the man makes solid and interesting choices for his career and is a bona fide movie star. He’s trying to save the world in his newest movie, “Edge of Tomorrow” and the movie will be saving us all to what has started as one of the most dreadful starts to the summer movie season ever!

The Earth is under attack by an alien species called, Mimics. Things were looking bleak for our world until we finally get our first taste of victory. Now, the combines governments of the planet are ready to launch their next major campaign, unaware of the edge the enemy possesses. Major William Cage (Cruise) is a big proponent of the new combat jackets our troops wear, but has never seen combat himself. He finds himself on the frontlines and is killed in combat, only to wake up the day before the battle takes place and must now figure a way to end this war once and for all with these new found abilities.


Our fingers were crossed that June would start to bring us better quality summer movies and so far, so good as “Edge of Tomorrow” is currently the best movie to come out this summer. Throw all the clichés you can at it, a summer thrill ride, an edge of your seat non-stop action movie, they will all describe this movie perfectly. Plus, it’s even worth the extra money to see it in IMAX 3D. The battle and action scenes really fill up every inch of those big screen theaters and the 3D helps you feel like you are part of the movie. Even in a simple scene when you have two characters talking in an office, the background, foreground effect of the film helps like you are in the room with them.

“Edge of Tomorrow” should go down as one of Tom Cruise’s best movies. His performance really helps you get to know his character, which in this case is a yellow bellied coward! If you want to talk about a character arc, this person is humanities last hope. Tom Cruise really easies the audience into taking this journey and believing that his character can really make this transformation. Emily Blunt is pretty amazing in the movie too and it would not be surprising if more action roles start being thrown her way. Bill Paxton also co-stars and is a pretty good scene stealer.

A problem many of the May summer movies suffered is that they were in the hands of directors who had no business directing projects on the scale that they were. Doug Liman, who directs “Edge of Tomorrow” is a veteran director who knows how to deliver great action, who can handle directing major movies stars, who knows how to tell a story and ends up brings us a hell of a picture.

If there is one flaw with “Edge of Tomorrow” it is that the movie gets a little repetitive in the middle. That may sound odd since this is a movie about someone experiencing the same day over and over again like a “Groundhog’s Day” on steroids, but some days are edited so quickly that you just want the story to get to the next level already. However, the movie also possesses plenty of tension and uncertainty on how everything will play out in the end. The musical score is also an enhancement and finally they movie has some nice humor sprinkled in too.

If the rest of the summer movies can be as a fun experience as “Edge of Tomorrow” is, then we are finally set to have a great time at the box office for the next few months. Time will tell on that, but in the meantime, Tom Cruise shows us once again why he is such a tremendous star after so many years. The movie is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, language and brief suggestive material.