Despicable Me

There are too many 3D movies these days.  They gained mass popularity in 2009, most notably with “Avatar” which went on to become to #1 movie of all time.  There were moments last year where there would not be any 3D movies in release.  Right now it is hard to imagine a period of time where there are no fewer than two 3D movies playing at your local movie theater.  After “Avatar” movie studios decided to “cash in” on the new technology and convert many of the 2D movies they already had completed shooting and make them into 3D.  The result has been less than stellar.  If you take a look at movies as “Clash of the Titans” and most recently, “The Last Airbender” you would see the underwhelming results (it is not recommended that you do).  These movies are not worth paying the extra money you are charged to see a 3D movies (and often not worth seeing at all!).

On the flip side of all this, there are some movies that are not only worth seeing, they absolutely must be experienced in 3D!  The newest movie to fall into this category is “Despicable Me”.  Not only is the movie a great time in the theater for people of all ages; but, it is definitely worth the extra money to see it in 3D.

The movie is filled with sequences that take advantage of the Real-D 3D technology.  It wastes no time either as little Justin is flying through the air after he bounces off the inflatable pyramids.  “He’s right in my face,” one person in the movie theater could be heard saying.  There are so many other sequences where characters are “right in your face” too.  There are a couple of scenes in airplanes that are fun to watch, and once the movie is over you will be well awarded to stick around to get a little bonus 3D action.

The movie centers on Gru (Steve Carell), once one of the all time master villains of the world; but, after another villain steals the above mentioned pyramids he is not considered a first class villain anymore.  Gru decides he is going to pull off the ultimate heist; he is going to steal the moon!  In order to do that, he must first match wits with a younger villain, Vector (Jason Segel).  Also complicating matter is the trio of orphan girls who are now living with him.  They expect him to be a father figure to them; he just wants to carry on with his plans.

The one element about this movie is it’s never short on is laughs, even a simple event as Gru getting himself a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop is hysterical.  Julie Andrews, who voices Gru’s Mom can take a simple word as “Eh” and make it funny.  One group who will constantly keep you in stitches is Gru’s Minions.  The origin of the Minions are never revealed; but, it is easy to imagine that Gru and Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand), a scientist who works with Gru, took a box of Corn Pop cereal and gave each individual corn pop life.  These little guys grew some arms and legs, some grew two eyes while other only grew one, and some even grew a little hair on their heads.  They speak their own language, but Blackberry uses can download an application that can translate what they are saying.  It is currently available at Best Buy.

The movie may not be very long; however, it does take the time to develop all its characters to make them full three-dimensional people who you actually care about (even if you see it in 2D).  Besides all the laughs there are some sweet moments in the movie too.

“This is the best movie I ever saw in my life,” exclaimed 9-year old Alyssa Dorfman after she came out of the theater.  “Despicable Me” is the rare film that will be enjoyed by everybody.  Families will enjoy, teenagers will have a good time, it would make a fun date movie, and senior citizens who are looking for a good movie will enjoy themselves.  The movie is rated PG for some intense action scenes in the movie; but, the movie will be easily enjoyed by children of any age.