Darling Companion

One fun aspect about film festivals is that you may get to see a movie bound for theatrical release sometimes MONTHS in advanced. Earlier this year at the 29th Annual Miami International Film Festival showed Lawrence Kasdan’s new movie, “Darling Companion” starring Kevin Klien, Diane Keaton, Dianne Wiest and Richard Jenkins. Klien, Jenkins and Lawrence and Meg Kasdan all showed up for the screening as well. This happened at the beginning of March, now “Darling Companion” is getting its theatrical release.

Dr. Joseph Winter (Klien) and his wife Beth, (Keaton) have been married for a very long time. Dr. Winter works too much in his wife’s opinion and he thinks his wife is overly-emotional now due to the fact that their daughters are grown and Beth is trying to fill a new void. Beth finds an abandoned dog on the freeway and the couple adopts him. The youngest daughter, Grace (Elisabeth Moss) marries the veterinary doctor a year later. The wedding is held at the family’s lodge in the Rockies. When Dr. Winter is taking the dog, named Freeway out for a walk in the woods, he gets distracted and loses him. A massive hunt then begins to find Freeway and get him home safely.


The above description may sound like a lot is going on, but the bulk of the movie is about the search for Freeway. There are other themes and subplots going on while the search is taking place, but most of “Darling Companion” is watching a group of people searching for the dog in the woods and talking and talking.

“Darling Companion” is Lawrence Kasdan’s first movie in almost a decade. He has made some noteworthy movies in the past such as “Grand Canyon”, “Body Heat” and “The Big Chill” so maybe he’s rusty because this new outing from him is not very entertaining. Entertainment might not have been on his mind. As stated earlier, there are other stories and themes going on here. There is the connection we as humans make with our pets. Don’t judge people based on first impressions and appearances, this is in regard to a story going on between Richard Jenkins character and the Winter family, and other types of companionships build during the movie. The bottom line is though, it will pass over many audience members and others are not going to care. It could get to the point for some audience members that they hope they find the dog’s body just so they can all go home.

Give “Darling Companion” some credit for taking on “Marvel’s The Avengers” this weekend. The movie certainly gives moviegoers another choice to start the summer movie season off with; except, it is not a very good choice. It is rated PG-13 for some sexual content including references, and language