47 meters down

47 meters down

Sisters Lisa and Kate (Mandy Moore and Claire Holt are having a dream vacation in Mexico. Kate needs to blow off some steam as her boyfriend just broke up with her because he found her to be “boring.” Wanting to prove him wrong the girls decide to try something thrilling, cage diving with great white sharks. It’s a great thrill until the rusty cage they are in detaches from the boat and plunges down to the ocean floor. Now, not only do they have 47 meters between and the surface, there are also all those sharks looking for their next meal and only a limited supply of air.

There’s no doubt this movie is a great pitch. Two young woman trapped on the ocean floor in a cage. Even without the sharks it could be a good thrill ride given they are on the clock before their tanks deplete. This story is set up that once it grabs you, it should never let go until the very end. However, it doesn’t play out that way and it looses its grip often. Honestly, it’s a tall order for any director to deliver. Johannes Roberts is the co-writer and director of this tale and he does have a number of non-memorable, low-budget horror movies under his belt. He could have been able to take the next step in his career with this offering, but is unable to do so.

This is not to suggest there are no thrills. There are moments of tension and there are some fun scares to go along with them. When those sharks come along, you’ll probably jump. It should do so enough that people looking for that kind of entertainment may feel they got their money’s worth. They may even be able to overlook that the sharks do often look like digital creations.

When any movie about a shark comes out you will inevitably see an advertisement that claims, “Best shark movie since Jaws!” Or, blasphemy, “Better than Jaws!” Come back to Earth. While having some entertaining value, it doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath.

1.5 Swords