Fast X

Mention the Fast and Furious franchise to moviegoers and you’ll likely get an eye roll from a lot of them. Ridiculous as they may be at times, there is no arguing the box office success of the movies for the last 22 years. Those same people dismissing the films are still going to see them. “Fast X”, the tenth in the series is now here and it may rank as one of the best of them.


In many ways “Fast X” is a direct sequel to “Fast Five” (another high point in the franchise). That film saw Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his crew pull off their biggest heist ever as they stole an entire safe from drug kingpin Hernan Reyes, also resulting in Reyes’s death. Now his son, Dante (Jason Momoa) is on the scene looking for revenge. However, he is not just looking to kill Dom, he’s out to hurt him!

A great decision was bringing director Louis Leterrier into the mix. The Fast series was in need of a fresh perspective. Leterrier made the first couple of Transporter movies so he is no stranger to action sequences involving cars. It turns out he was the shot in the arm the tenth installment needed as all the stunt work here is top notch, from vehicles in action to the fights. What they put on the screen is pretty spectacular.

The Fast and Furious films have always had some humor, but “Fast X” has many laugh out loud moments. Besides brining in a new director, a new writer, Dan Mazeau was brought on board. Again, bringing a new creative force to these movies is just what the doctor ordered. Besides the added humor, there are more than a few heartfelt moments to enjoy as well.

The cast has always had a family feel amongst them, just like the characters they play and they are always welcoming additional members. Besides Momoa, Brie Larson (“Captain Marvel”) joins the cast along with Alan Ritchson (“Reacher”). There a couple of surprise cameos too. However, it is clear the one who had the most fun with his role was Jason Momoa. He brings a new kind of villain this franchise needed. Up to now all past adversaries were so serious, Dante is here just to have a good time. You can tell Momoa had a blast playing this part.

Does “Fast X” get cheesy at times? Sure, but hey, this a Fast and Furious movie, so just roll with it. There are elements you don’t see coming. Something you would not expect from this franchise. We are at the start of the summer movie season and this is one fun ride.

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